Relay 100 Project: Far East’s Exploration on Talents Cultivation

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Talents are the most important resource in the 21st century, on which a business’s sustainable development is based. For 34 years, Far East has been committed to building a good environment for its employees, providing a platform for talents’ self-fulfillment, meeting the needs of employees on learning and development, focusing on employees’ rights and satisfaction, and continuously developing the potential of the employees. It has been awarded the title of “Best Employer in China” for many years.

In 2014, Far East launched the Relay 100 program. Since then, several hundred college students from top universities have joined Far East each year. Through that project, Far East has formed a human resource management system stretching from selection, cultivation to appointment.

Tracing to the source and improving talents’ competence

When it comes to selection criteria, there are three dimensions. In terms of academic background, graduates and above, from “985” or “211” colleges are preferred. In terms of professional quality, selection is based on major. Candidates’ professional knowledge is examined whether to match up with the position’s requirement while the top 50% students in the major are preferred. In terms of practical experience, scholarship owners, student cadres, or those having related projects and practical experience are preferred.

In addition, Far East pays more attention to potential competence when selecting talents, such as analytical ability, communication, the ability to learn quickly, teamwork, motive power, insight, and resistance. Those who enter the Relay 100 program have passed comprehensive assessment and proved their IQ and EQ.

Assigning to right position and training talents comprehensively

How to do training work is the key of the project.Far East plans to enable participants to become staff with high skills, high moral standards and high cultural recognition in several years, making them gradually become the mainstay of group’s future growth.

High skills ask for training talents based on the actual operation of the company's business and strategic level.

High moral standards ask for considering whether their morality and professional ethics are in line with ethical standards, to meet the company's six criteria - studious, experienced, social, potential, capable and nice.

High cultural recognition asks for understanding the company's culture and value and working hard on the company's strategic goals, which is also the premise for becoming the company's business partner.

Surefooted and omnibearing cultivation

Relay 100 program applies 721 regime, involving 70% job rotation, 20% tutorial and 10% knowledge impartation. Addition in the process are all-around training, postgraduate research, undergraduate external rotation, regular study, business reception, etc. A career path illustration is also established as a template to refer to.

Vertically, there are three layers in the cultivation system.

The first level is Far East University, focusing on strategy formulation, organizational planning, indicator setting, operational supervision, etc., providing talent training resources and training project design, basic methods for employee growth path, quality project products, and overall training system construction.

The second level is company. Each subsidiary develops professional training plans and programs based on demand, and submits talent training feedback on a quarterly basis.

The third level is department. Each department organizes internal training according to the department's organizational work requirements and job competency requirements and talent development path, and uploads monthly talent training feedback to share experience.

Since Relay 100 planned under way, a total of 764 outstanding students have joined Far East in 5 years. Relay 100 project reserves, trains and distributes talents. Through the mass talent reserve, a large talent pool is established. After the completion of the incubation, different types of talents are created and offered to different positions.

Elite projects with incessant refinements

During implementation, Relay 100 Project have been constantly improved in the aspects of lack of instructions or any other deficiency.

Different lines have different priorities in Relay 100. Some are marketing capacity leading to providing better solutions to clients, some are specific territory’s knowledge leading to becoming specialists in a subsidiary. Relay 100 Postgraduate Project asks for a wide horizon, for the  trainees are prepared to be future mainstay.

The project spans in time and in depth. Trainees transfer from students to employees, then administrator. It’s a win-win situation for individuals get progress throughout the period and the business acquires talents despite long haul including constant tracking, guidance and long-term cultivation.

Far East will make more exploration on seeking and training talents as personnel pool. It’s a strategy on human resource to achieve sustainable development.

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