New ideas, new measures, and new actions——A cross-field marketing campaign that rejuvenated Far East brand

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  With the end of Double 11, the Far East "Double Eleven Global Carnival" also came to a close. After the “Far East Best Intern Challenge” won the Gold Award of Golden Flag Prize in PR Campaigns in the 2019, the company has once again entered the public’s eye with subverted tradition and bold innovation.

  Hold creative activities to follow consumption upgrades

  The rapid growth of China's economy has boosted the upgrading of the consumption structure. From the consumption of physical goods, to the consumption of services, and to the experience of consumption, the upgrade of consumption structure stands for people’s pursuit of high living quality and a better life. Under this circumstance, “security” and “quality” have become the primary concerns of consumers.

  On the other hand, with the rise of the 1980s and 1990s as the new generations of consumers, the consuming subjects have gradually transformed to a young and cross-field group. They are younger with more subgroups and tags. In order to meet the needs of those new consumers, a brand should attract consumers through content, community, word of mouth, and values in addition to products.

  From a user's perspective in today’s economic environment, the program aimed at the cross-field and young group to find out and study their new consumption demand by holding innovative exhibitions in the shopping malls with concentrated customers. In this way, the level-B products could enter their vision, and break through the limitations of traditional marketing methods.

  Use creative minds, rebuild brand image

  At present, the wire and cable industry has an increasingly greater convergence in terms of product categories, technological innovations and other aspects, and the homogenization competition in this industry is fierce. It is urgent for us to reshape our brand image, create a distinctive brand personality, and break through the homogenization competition to overcome the bottleneck of development and continue to lead the industry.

  The event seized the market’s pain spot - the mismatch of the age limit of the wires and cables at home and the 70-year property rights of the house. The “new domestic product”, was used to redefine the product, upgrade its connotation, and offer it a higher-dimensional brand concept.

  At the same time, starting from the "people's longing for a better life", we will reinterpret the good life and happy life, and transform the rational appeal of transmitting electricity and power into more perceptual warmth, light, happiness, security, stability and other spiritual perceptions. We are committed to “protecting the lights of millions of homes and their happy lives”, which could arouse emotional resonance of the consumers, giving the traditional wire and cable brand a more precious humanistic value, building the “warmest industrial brand” and displaying the brand image of Far East in the new era.

  Take creative methods, meet consumer demands

  The arrival of the Age of Big Data has changed consumers’ use of media and traditional marketing models. In the past Double 11 shopping carnival, the “national tide” surged.  Domestic brands are becoming more and more popular, and many cross-field brands have attracted great interest. In this process, social platforms have played an important role. In the new media environment, more and more brands use social software to spread information and make transactions through community interaction.

  Under this trend, the event invited KOLs to promote our products, and expand their impact by their social influence. The event also invited the top web celebrities to broadcast live sales programs to achieve booming spread. In order to further expand our consumers, apart from displaying products in flash shops, we also attracted the consumers from different areas by cable crafts DIY, which could shorten the distance with them.

  It is worth mentioning that Far East and Laiyifen have broken the boundaries between different fields, but set a common goal of satisfying people's pursuit of quality of life, and have carried out cross-field integration, providing more topics and attracting more focuses on the event.

  The activities targeted at the characteristics of different consumer groups, and used the influence of KOLs and web celebrities to create a fusion media matrix of full-platform, multi-dimensional, online and offline, and attracted more traffic through fans to increase consumer attention and promote online sales.

  This innovative activity, which introduced innovative marketing methods into traditional industries through offline and online linkage, and cross-field activities, has been widely spread on social platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Tik Tok, and Jinri Toutiao, through overseas platforms such as LinkedIn, enhancing our international influence. In addition, it also attracted the attention of media like Netease and CBN, which led to heated discussion on the Internet. During the event, the visits reached nearly 85 million. Far East once again reconstructed the content and interaction of its underlying logic, which created a popular trend that is cutting-edged, and pioneering, further enhancing brand awareness and influence.

  In recent years, in collisions of the new era, traditional industrial brands are seeking to be reborn and rejuvenated. As a leading company in this industry, Far East is activating its brand, focusing on its core business, continuously diving deep into the brand's intangible value, and promoting its high-quality development with the brand power.

  However, the innovative event was over, our exploration and innovation on the road to brand building is endless.

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